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How can I clean my Tamrac bag if it gets stained?

For normal dirt: Use a mild soap and mix in one teaspoon per pint of warm water. Use a clean, white cloth dampened with the recommended cleaning agent, using the following removal method: Detergent/blot/water/blot.  Optimum cleaning will be achieved by not over-wetting the cloth and by turning it frequently to keep it clean. Never submerge your bag in water, use any product containing bleach or dry cleaning solutions. After repeated cleanings, you may want to apply a water-repellant spray such as Scotch Guard to ensure continued weatherproofing.  For oil or greasy stains: In addition to the above recommended method, some stains respond well to dry cleaners such as “HOST”, “CAPTURE”, and “K2R”. Carefully follow directions on the label.

Are Tamrac bags water-resistant?

Tamrac camera and video bags are constructed with fabrics that have a thick waterproof coating which makes the bag material quite weatherproof.  However, the seams are not sealed and the zippers are not waterproof so extreme exposure to water, such as submersion in part or full, may admit water into the bag interior. So, while not completely waterproof, our bags’ coatings, their Total Coverage Tops, and Rain Flaps combine to offer excellent protection against rain, dust and sand.

Some of our bags include Removable Rain Covers for added protection against rain and the elements.  These bags include: Evolution 6 Photo Sling Backpack (Model 5786), Evolution 8 Photo/Laptop Sling Backpack (Model 5788), Evolution 9 Photo/Laptop Sling Backpack (Model 5789), Super Telephoto Lens Pack (Model 5793), Evolution Speed Roller Backpack (Model 5797), Zuma 4 Photo/iPad Bag (Model 5724), Zuma 7 Photo/iPad Backpack (Model 5727), Zuma 9 Secure Traveler Backpack (Model 5729), Ultra Pro 11 (Model 5611), Ultra Pro 13 (Model 5613), Explorer 100 (Model 5561), Explorer 200 (Model 5562) and Explorer 400 (Model 5564).

For those who desire extra security, we make optional rain covers (sold separately) for our backpacks.  The M.A.S. Raincover Medium (Model MX5352) fits models 767, 777, 3375, 3380, 3385, 5256, 5374, 5375, 5549, 5585, 5586, and 5587.  The M.A.S. Raincover Large (Model MX5354) fits models 777,  787, 5258, 5550, 5588 and 5589.  They offer additional protection for everything except the back of the backpack and harness.  Folded in their pouch, they attach to any of the M.A.S. backpack attachment points.