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Adventure Photographer Travis Burke

023 300x245 Adventure Photographer Travis BurkeI’ve been using Tarmac bags since my first exploration into Yosemite. The diverse selection available makes it easy to find a bag that fits my exact needs. They are rugged enough to handle the elements while protecting my gear and still making it easy for me to access everything I need.

NBA Photographer Andrew D. Bernstein’s Tamrac Rolling Bag

andrew b 150x150 NBA Photographer Andrew D. Bernsteins Tamrac Rolling Bag“When traveling all over the world, I need camera bags that are reliable and durable in all conditions, and my Tamrac rolling bag is just that. One of the best features of the roller is that it fits in the overhead compartment on a plane, making it easy to store during travel. Also, the roller’s storage and pockets hold all my gear needed for the job.”

Andrew Bernstein, Tamrac Sponsored NBA Photographer