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Expedition Computer Pocket
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Expedition 5x

Photo/Laptop Backpack

Model 5585

DSLR iconDSLR iconLensLG 1LensMEDLensMEDLensMEDLensSMLLensSMLequip_flashLAPTOP

The Expedition 5x is the perfect mid-size pack for a wide range of photo equipment and most 12″ screen laptops.  This medium size pack offers foam-padded protection and quick access to multiple DSLRs, lenses, flash and accessories.

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Holds Camera Gear

The main compartment is completely foam padded with numerous adjustable, foam-padded dividers to protect digital SLRs, 4-5 lenses, and a flash.   The camera with a long zoom lens attached is suspended on two vertical, foam-padded dividers that are internally reinforced with rigid plastic.  A restraint strap holds the lens firmly in place.

Foam-Padded Computer Compartment View

New foam-padded front pocket with water-resistant zipper protects laptops with up to 12″ screens and provides easy access without disturbing photo gear.

Dual Hinge Divider System View

The Dual Hinge Divider System adjusts to allow two DSLRs to be carried with lenses attached.

Dual "Wing" Accessory Pockets View

Dual “wing” pockets with water-resistant zippers organize and provide quick access to important accessories without disturbing your other gear. These “wing” pockets also feature Tamrac’s patented Memory & Battery Management System™ that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.

QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System View

A tripod is cradled (centered and balanced) securely between these pockets with Tamrac’s QuickClip™ tripod attachment system while the lower plastic-reinforced Tripod Foot Pocket holds two tripod legs secure.

State-of-the-art Harness System View

The state-of-the-art harness system with Dual-Density Comfort Pads provides maximum carrying comfort while Air Flow Channels help keep you cool and dry during extended use. The pack is also equipped with an adjustable waist belt and an expandable sternum strap for finer adjustments.  The harness features “D” rings that accept Tamrac’s optional backpack camera strap (Model N-11).

M.A.S.™ and S.A.S.™ Compatible View

Strap Accessory System™ (S.A.S.™) and Modular Accessory System™ (M.A.S.™) attachment slots on the pack provide a convenient place to carry Tamrac’s optional M.A.S.™ and S.A.S.™ products (shown on right). Four SpiderTabs™ provide additional attachment points for expedition equipment or extra clothing.

Internal Dimensions

11W x 5½D x 13½H
(28 x 14 x 34 cm)

External Dimensions

12¾W x 10D x 16H
(32 x 25 x 41 cm)


4 lbs. 8 oz. (2054g)

  • One for the cool techie By JACKSON JOY P  

    cool n cute all in one, style fit n match that holds tech gadgets on the move, travel, to office, getaway, holiday or workday n looks a beauty.

  • Radical backpack!! By Tom Schick  

    I love the looks of this bag. I love the idea of a padded laptop compartment thats separate from the camera and lense area. My wife and I just went for our one year reunion to Maui and I need a backpack to hold our camera gear and laptop. Great idea!!

  • Has All the Features I Need By Andrew Hawke  

    Great backpack for carrying and protecting my camera, lenses and accessories while either hiking in the local parks or packing my gear on an overseas trip.

    Room for my tablet is an added bonus.

    You really can’t go wrong with this pack! Highly recommended.

  • incredible By Jimmie Salazar  

    This backpack contains the perfect compartments for everything that I need. It is small, durable,and reliable. The reason I like this backpack so much is because of its small size and ability to hold so much.

  • Perfect Carry-On Travel Pack By Carson Nunn  

    I’m a huge fan of this pack, as it carries all my gear, such as my 5 lens, camera body, tripod in the front and all my accessories. I’ve had it for a couple years now travelling/hiking in the Canadian Rockies to travelling to/in South-East Asia.

    Pack Foam-Padding: Like Batman’s armour, this pack has been through a lot. dropping it while traversing across a scree slope in the Rockies and rolling halfway down the mountain, I retrieved it to find that the only thing that broke was my tripod that was exposed on the pack. Very impressed!!!

    Hope it lasts for years to come, but if not I would just purchase another, as I am in love with this EXPEDITION 5X Pack.

    Satisfied Customer


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