5793 open with 600mm
5793 with 400mm
5793 side pockets
5793 Tripod
5793 MAS
5793 harness
5793 raincover
5793 5793 open with 600mm 5793 with 400mm 5793 side pockets
5793 Tripod 5793 MAS 5793 harness 5793 raincover
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5793 5793 open with 600mm 5793 with 400mm 5793 side pockets 5793 Tripod 5793 MAS 5793 harness 5793 raincover

Super Telephoto Lens Pack

Model 5793


The Super Telephoto Lens Pack holds a 600mm lens (up to 18″) attached to a DSLR!

The Super Telephoto Lens pack allows a photographer shooting with a long telephoto lens to carry the equipment and accessories needed without having to carry an oversized, cumbersome pack.  This specialized professional pack holds a long telephoto lens up to 600mm (18”) attached to a pro DLSR with a grip, but is still narrow and compact.  It also meets most US airline carry-on size limitations of 22” x 14” x 9”.

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Holds up to a 600mm lens View

The top and front panel of the pack zip wide open to allow quick and complete access to the camera with up to an 18” lens attached (including Canon’s 600mm f/4 and Nikon’s 600mm f/4).

Uniqur Divider System View

Inside, the unique divider system cradles the camera while securing and supporting a long lens.  The internal divider is completely adjustable to provide a perfect fit for lenses of varying lengths.

QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System View

A tripod is cradled (centered and balanced) securely with Tamrac’s QuickClip™ tripod attachment system while the lower Tripod Foot Pocket holds two tripod legs secure.

Side Pockets and Rain Cover View

Two zipper closing side pockets keep important accessories organized and easily accessible.  One side pocket also holds a removable rain cover to cover the pack in extreme weather.  Two large mesh pockets are perfect for water bottles, maps, snacks or other personal items.

M.A.S.™ Compatible View

Tamrac’s Modular Accessory System™ attachment slots allow the addition of optional M.A.S.™ accessories to hold extra equipment. 

Adjustable Harness View

With its narrow profile, contoured, foam-padded shoulder harness, expandable sternum strap, waist belt and foam-padded back, the pack is easy to adjust for a perfect fit and comfortable to carry.

Removable Rain Cover View

The right pocket contains a removable rain cover, which can be slipped over the pack during extreme weather.

MAS Lgocert2Rain Cover
Internal Dimensions

6½ W x 7¾ D x 21 H
(17 x 20 x 53cm)

External Dimensions

9 W x 10½ D x 22 H
(23 x 27 x 56cm)


4 lbs. 9 oz. (2068g)

  • For the outdoor photographer By Mabel Lazecki  

    This bag allows me to pack and carry my camera with even the largest lens still on my camera ready to shoot in a hurry when I need it to. I do mainly wildlife and scenery photos and sometime, when you least expect it you need to ready to shoot right now. Sometimes no time to stop to put lenses on! And extra storage for my other lens and tripod is a must.

  • Great Bag with lots of room By Pat  

    This bag is great because you can store virtually any lens you own including telephoto and you don’t even have to disassemble it. It has lots or room for other equipment and peripherals. If that wasn’t enough, there is the cover to keep it dry, the outer pouches for more goodies and don’t forget the comfy shoulder / waist straps…It’s an incredible bag and has everything one could ask for.

  • Zoomer Bag By Judy Brock  

    When you’re on the go and you need a bag to hold all your telephoto zoom lens’, then this is the bag for you. It’s hard to find a portable bag of this quality to hold all your DSLR equipment.
    I rate this bag an A+

  • Perfect for outdoor adventures in photography By Sonja Starke  

    I love this pack. It is exactly what I need for a day out hiking and taking photos. I can carry all my gear, including a telephoto lens, and feel safe and secure that it won’t get damaged or wet. It also saves my back because it fits so well.

  • Perfect bag for sports By John  

    I’ve spent a lot of money on lenses and I don’t want Anything to happen to them. That is why I got the super telephoto lens pack. It allows me to carry my lenses, protect them, and have quick access to them.


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