triple access1 300x264 Innovations

Triple Access System™

Tamrac’s Evolution Series backpacks and Zuma 7 backpack feature the unique Triple Access System™, which allows fast access through a side door on either side of the pack when the pack is still worn. Equipment can also be accessed through the front panel when the pack is removed.

Inv DualEntry 300x264 Innovations

Dual Access System™

Tamrac’s Speed Packs feature the innovative Dual Access System™, which allows fast access through a side door when the pack is work over one shoulder. Equipment can also be accessed through the front panel when the pack is removed.

Inv WingPkts 300x264 Innovations

“Wing” Accessory Pockets

“Wing” Accessory Pockets, found on Tamrac’s Expedition Series backpacks, organize and provide quick access to important accessories without disturbing other gear or requiring you to open the pack.

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Photo Sling Packs

These unique, ultra-functional bags were designed to carry like backpacks, but can be swung around to the front for quick access to camera equipment without having to remove them. The Sling Pack design comfortably distributes the weight of the photo equipment.

Inv MemBMSys 300x253 Innovations

Memory & Battery Management System™

Many of our camera bags feature the U.S.-patented Memory & Battery Management System™, which provides quick access to memory cards, batteries and accessories. This unique system uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries from ones that are used up.

Inv SAS 300x247 Innovations

Strap Accessory System™

Tamrac’s Strap Accessory System™ has components that attach to the shoulder straps of most of our camera bags and backpacks to allow photographers to personalize and customize their bags and packs.

Inv DualFoam 300x276 Innovations

Dual Foam Technology™

Dual-Foam Technology™ combines closed-cell foam to provide maximum shock protection with open-cell foam for vibration dampening and a custom fit.

Inv TurboTop 300x246 Innovations

TurboTop® – Fast Access Camera Lids

Tamrac’s U.S.-patented TurboTop® opens with a quick pull of the parallel double zippers to provide instant access to photo equipment without having to unbuckle the flap top of the camera bag. It provides two ways to access the gear, quickly through the TurboTop® or the conventional way through the Speed Flap Top.

Inv PgyBkPkt1 300x226 Innovations

Piggy-Back Pocket™

The Piggy-Back Pocket™ is a Tamrac design innovation which enables many of our camera bags to be easily slipped over the handle and held securely while riding on top of our rolling bags.

Inv GianRnFlps 300x276 Innovations

Giant Rain Flaps

Giant Rain Flaps protect the zippers for the ultimate rain protection without compromising quick access. With waterproofed materials and Giant Rain Flaps, Tamrac backpacks offer the highest protection and the quickest access.

Inv MAS 300x123 Innovations

Modular Accessory System™

This system allows photographers to customize and personalize their packs and bags by using accessories that quickly attach to any belt or to Tamrac products that have Modular Accessory System™ attachment slots.

Inv RollingBags 238x300 Innovations

QuickClip™ Tripod Attachment System

The QuickClip™ Tripod attachment system allows tripods to be held secure, balanced and ready for action. This is a stable solution for photographers traveling with a professional tripod.

Inv BigWhls 300x236 Innovations

Rolling StrongBoxes™, SpeedRollers™, Backpacks and Studios

In-line skate wheels or “Big Wheels” along with telescoping handles combine to take the pain out of heavy loads. We offer many wheeled products from Convertible Backpacks to Rolling StrongBoxes™ and Rolling Studios™ that let you roll your equipment instead of bearing the weight on your back.

Inv LensGate 300x254 Innovations

LensGate® Divider System

Our LensGate® Divider System has padded gates that swing open and closed to protect equipment from coming in contact. When used with our Lens-Bridge® Divider System, they provide a vastly superior level of protection.

Inv SlidePkt 300x239 Innovations

Slide™ Pockets

These unique pockets slide out quickly from inside the front of the camera bag to provide the quickest possible access to photo and digital accessories. These Slide Pockets™ feature Tamrac’s U.S.-patented Memory & Battery Management System™ that uses red flags to identify available memory cards and batteries.

Inv ZipDrop 300x248 Innovations

ZipDrop™ Pockets

ZipDrop™ Pockets can perform as conventional pockets or can be zipped all the way open to allow a full view of the contents. Each pocket also has an internal zippered mesh pocket for small accessories.

Inv PopOff 300x240 Innovations

Pop-Off™ Pockets

Made of our exclusive Windowpane-Mesh™, our Pop-Off™ Pockets hold accessories in clear view. In addition, they can be quickly detached to allow accessories to be accessed quickly, then returned to the bag easily.

Inv WnPnMesh 300x259 Innovations


This Tamrac invention combines clear vinyl and nylon mesh to give strength and visibility to the contents of our accessory pockets.

Inv TCvTops 300x248 Innovations

Total Coverage Tops

Our Total Coverage Top offers triple protection against the elements by providing three levels of security: hook and loop closures for quick access, EasySqueeze™ quick-release buckles for security and a zipper closure for the ultimate weather protection.

Inv LensBridge 300x256 Innovations

Lens-Bridge® Divider System

Our patented Lens-Bridge® Divider System, featured in many of our bags, allows the camera to sit cradled above the rest of the equipment with various lens lengths attached and ready for action. The camera rides on an adjustable platform insuring a perfect fit with or without a grip.

Inv TuckAway 300x251 Innovations

Tuck-A-Way™ Hip Belt

Tamrac invented the Tuck-A-Way™ Hip Belt and designed the first camera bag that converted from a shoulder bag to a hip belt. Created for the photographer who needs hands-free carrying convenience, these bags fit comfortably around the waist and also feature a shoulder strap for those situations when a hip belt is not needed.

Inv TeleZoom 276x300 Innovations

The Tele Zoom Pack

Tamrac first introduced the Tele Zoom Pack over 35 years ago, just as zoom lenses started to become popular. The Tele Zoom Pack was unique because it allowed photographers to carry a 70-210mm lens attached to their camera. Today, every holster pack on the market is based on this original Tamrac design.