Zipshot Mini


Compact Camera Tripod

The Zipshot® Mini tripod is ultra light, easy to carry and sets up in a snap! Just release the two red shock cords and the legs of the ZipShot® Mini spring open in seconds. Attach your camera and you’re ready to shoot!

Type: Tripod


  • Only 9″ (23cm) when folded.
  • Stands 28″ (71cm) tall when assembled
  • Tripod legs spring open in seconds
  • Attaches to camera bags and luggage, or carry inside larger bags.
  • Heavy-duty, metal ball-head with strong aluminum legs
  • 3 lbs. (1361g)


  • Height When Folded - 9 in (23cm)
  • Height when assembled as a tripod - 28 in (73 cm) in
  • Weight - 9 oz. (255g)