Spread the Love; Spoil your Gear

February 10, 2021

Valentine’s Day may look a little different this year, so why not take that and run with it. It’s been a long year for everyone so why not do something for you and your passion? 

This year, we’re suggesting spreading the love to your gear. Been eyeing up a new bag? Go for it! We wanted to share a few of our favorite products when it comes to keeping our gear protected and clean.

  1. Anvil Bag
    We’re a little biased here but might as well start there. Nothing keeps your gear safer than a solid bag. The Anvil has room for all of your gear with protective padding to keep everything organized and protected. Take your favorite kit with you anywhere and everywhere without worrying about it. Shop the Anvil collection here.
Anvil Backpack Image

Lynne D. said: Perfect Camera Bag

I have always liked Tamrac gear for their quality, so when I was in the market for a backpack camera bag they were where I checked out first. I also looked at some others , but the known quality got me coming back to Tamrac. I purchased the Anvil 27 and love it. It holds all my gear (which includes a large telephoto lens) and I still have a few spots for a few more extras.

(Photo by hugozapatapersonal

  1. Microfiber cloths
    Now this is coming from someone who needs to wear glasses, so I always have at least one microfiber cloth on me. It’s great for using on the back of your camera to clean your screen and on the front of your lenses for a quick little clean. There are so many different uses for these guys that we think it’s well worth keeping one on hand. Chances are you may have one hanging out in your junk drawer, or you can find them at any camera store.

  2. Memory Card Holder
    Considering how much precious information these bad boys hold, it’s important to show them some love. A holder keeps your cards organized and can keep you from grabbing cards you’ve already shot through. A couple of our faves are: hard case and our biased soft case.
  1. Camera Strap
    Want a small upgrade to your gear without breaking the bank? Our suggestion is a new camera strap. There are so many different options! You can go more creative or more functional. This is also a great way to try and find a local small business to help support local or check out Etsy for more unique one-of-a-kind options. Or shop our trusted line here.
  1. Lens Pouches
    Goblin Pouches

    A great way to make your lenses and gear easily accessible and able to take with you anywhere. These are a great way to keep your lenses safe regardless of how you trek them around. Pop them into your purse or backpack and know what’s what by using different color options. Check out our Goblin pouches.

Bonus - isopropyl alcohol, a sign of the times really. When we spend so much time disinfecting our hands on the daily, we should probably extend that love to our cameras. Just make sure you use an isopropyl alcohol that you trust and don’t douse your camera or lens, just a little dab will do you. Follow a YouTube tutorial if you’re still a little uncertain.  


What’s on the top of your list for your camera?

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