About Us

Innovation in Mobility, Since 1977.

Tamrac designs innovative solutions focused on the protection and transportation of camera equipment, electronics, accessories, and more to meet the progressing demands of today’s creative.

Our founders were California nature photographers who loved the outdoors, yet lacked protective, quick-access camera bags that were able to keep up with their adventures. So, one day they decided to create their own.

For nearly 50 years we have earned our reputation for reliability with photographers around the world. Tamrac has become the trusted bag of choice for many prominent National Geographic, Associated Press, White House Press Corps, and professional sports photographers.

With innovation as a core value, we have created numerous product features widely seen today, such as Dual and Triple-Access Systems™, Dual Foam Technology™, windowpane mesh™, and Lens-Gate® divider systems. We even pioneered the telephoto zoom lens pack in the late 1970's, a standard design in every holster-style camera bag on the market since. 

Our mission is to provide durable camera and gear accessory solutions without sacrificing mobility for protection, or vice-versa. The Tamrac logo, a stylized Tamarack pine tree, is an homage to our founders love of the outdoors, and dedication to the passion of photography.

We make products for every photographer.