TamLoc Connector


Stainless Steel Security

  • TamLoc connector is designed and manufactured with a stainless steel core with a high-density plastic composite mold outer shell, which provides additional protection for the internal parts from environmental conditions. The outer shell also protects the camera body from being damaged by the metal parts during use. Stainless steel is a very durable metal and unlike carbon steel, which is brittle and prone to snapping, stainless steel will only deform when stressed eliminating catastrophic failures in the system. The connector is also designed with two tether connection points, which allows to securely lock the connector in place. The connector is designed to snuggly secure to the camera body using the tripod threaded posthole using a friction adherent rubber washer. The connector is secure when tightened properly. The locking tether system provides that optionally added security one may want by locking the connector in place eliminating any potential inadvertent loosening. The plastic outer shell also minimizes any background noise during filming audio tracks to exposed metal parts.

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    • Stainless steel components
    • High-density plastic component mold assembly
    • Tether connection points
    • Ability to secure in place
    • Lightweight durable materials
    • Designed and lab-tested ensuring ability to carry the heaviest of gear without failure
    • Surface diameter - 1.25 in (3.175 cm)
    • Height - 1.5 in (3.81 cm)
    • Strap slot - 1.25 in (3.175 cm)
    • Rubber washer diameter - .875 in (2.23 cm)
    • Metal components - Stainless Steel
    • Weight - .9 oz (26 kg)
    • Standard threaded tripod mount hole
    • Mirrorless cameras
    • DSLR's
    • Pro-body DSLR's
    • Compact cameras
    • Lens mounts and more

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