Q&A with Jess Bonde

January 29, 2016

Setting the stage: Jess grew up in the pristine wilderness of Tasmania and has had the travel bug set deep in his veins from a young age. After his schooling was complete travel consumed most of his plans, relishing in wilderness adventures in all corners of the globe. He picked up a camera three years ago and has since developed his style of adventure travel photography along his journey. Jess's work has been published in several magazines and is now becoming an emerging name within the adventure photography field.

Jess, how much do you take your histogram into account while shooting?

In difficult conditions I use my histogram all the time, however if I am out shooting something where the dynamic range isn’t too high then I usually shoot by feel with the odd check of it every now and again. When I started out I was almost focused more on the histogram than the image review which I think has actually helped my get more of a feel for my shooting environment.

What do you look for when composing a shot?

When I am looking for compositions I always look at the main subject first to see which angle works best, then something interesting to compliment the main subject in the foreground. Leading lines to the subject, or to the corners of the image help to add more depth and interest to a photo. Finally I try to fill the negative space in the image by either introducing another element to it or by changing the perspective to get an even flow through the image and fill in those uninteresting or dead spaces, again adding depth and interest.

What are your top 3 places you've shot?

My favourite places to shoot are areas with really dramatic landscapes. Shooting in Norway was mind-blowing with the jagged peaks and endless winding fjords. Iceland is an obvious one with some of the most amazing waterfalls and ever-changing landscapes. I don’t want to jinx myself here but I am planning a hike through my home state of Tasmania’s raw and rugged south west which I think is going to be in my top 3… fingers crossed!

What is your favorite thing to photograph?

I have a strong passion for travel and adventures so i love shooting what we are doing whilst exploring this giant globe. Anything that portrays ourselves in a beautiful untouched environment, and something that is going to inspire people to get out into the outdoors is what really makes me keep shooting.

What is one of your sources of inspiration?

Generally I am not much of a fan of phones and the online world but I must admit that Instagram is the one application I could not live without. Scrolling through the work of some of my idols really inspires me to keep improving my photography and also gives me some ideas to have a play with. 


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