Getting the Shot - Featuring Jess Bonde

February 10, 2016 1 Comment

In our "Getting the Shot" series, photographers explain the untold stories behind some of their most inspiring images.  This week we're getting the full story behind Jess Bonde's Trolltonga shot:


Jess, tell us the story behind this stunning shot 

"Trolltonga has become one of the quintessential tourist attractions of Norway only in the last couple of years. Everyone wants their photo of daring poses on the edge of this amazing rock, and with access only possible a few months of the year it is littered with people doing so. We had heard some horror stories of people waiting up to 2 hours just to get their photo of feet dangling. Our solution to this was to start the hike at 11pm and walk the 11km trail in the dark of night, hopefully void of the crowds. We walked with head torches through the sections of mud, snow, and ice covered rock, arriving at 3:30 am with plenty of time to scope out the spot for the best angles, but more importantly we had the whole place to ourselves. It was bitterly cold so we down climbed a section of rock to hide from the wind chill and sat back to watch the sky slowly illuminate our surroundings. To my elation the horizon started to glow with light pink hues that gradually climbed to the clouds and started to dance across the sky. 

To get the perspective of Emily above the mountains I had to down climb a section of slippery rock, that lead to mud and a sheer cliff drop of about 50metres. Despite this I got to the cliff edge, slowly set up my tripod, focused in on the rock, and had Emily stand right on the edge of the cliff." 

"I shot this spot for about an hour but the cold eventually got to us so we turned around and made the homeward journey. It wasn't until about 7am, two hours after our amazing exclusive Trolltonga sunrise, that we saw the first group of people heading out to the rock. From then on there were streams of people heading out to the rock, which lead to our faces painted with big smug smiles and our cold and tired bones getting some energy back to bound down the trail back to our van for some well deserved sleep."

Jess Bonde

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February 17, 2016

True dedication, I love this image!!

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